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Leading weighbridge manufacturers, Supplier and service provider of Electronic Weigh Bridges, Mobile Weighbridge, In Motion Weighing System, Pitless Weighbridge, Pit Type Weighbridge , Weighing Scales, Weighbridge machines Portable Weighbridges, and all kind of Electronic Weigh bridge Manufacturers in India.

Quality Assurance

Quality has always been one of the prime motives of our organization. All of our products are quality tested and reliable in performance. These products are also endowed with unique features like platform design for easy carry out; adopt special protective technology, suitable for any environment in applications, corrosion resistant finish and durable finish standards. Client's satisfaction is our prime objective.

Our Team

Our team is the driving force behind all our business operations and thus, we have employed well-versed and skilled professionals, who are well acquainted with the latest market trends. They execute thorough analysis to study the different Weigh bridges related sectors and their specific needs.

We are backed by the following professionals:

  • Engineers/Technicians/Quality Controller
  • Sales and Marketing Executives
  • And other supporting staff

Mobile Weigh bridge

Mobile Weighbridge that needs no foundation. It is just a smooth hard surface on which the load cell plates rest.

Mobile Weighbridge has the ability to be placed directly in the path of vehicles. This reduces the transport costs otherwise incurred by having to travel to a fixed weighbridge installation. This saves lots of cost and time. Standard weighbridge foundation and installation takes 2-3 months while mobile weighbridges can be installed in 2 hours.

Mobile Weighbridges can also be shifted to another site easily. The modular design helps in easy cost effective transportation and re-installation. We also provide repair services for these weighbridges.

Its main benefits includes:

  • Modular Design
  • Needs no foundation
  • Quick Installation- in hours
  • Can be shifted to another site easily
  • Keeps vigil on costly materials
  • Significantly saves time & construction costs
  • Most suited for temporary sites

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